Stories & Experiences


The team has had many beautiful and encouraging experiences over the last two weeks. Here are some of our favourites. Enjoy! :) 

I was talking to this man about the books, and Eastward. He thought it was interesting, but wanted to make sure what I was saying was true!

He opened his his computer, and went to Eastward website, checking up everything I'd said. He read about Music Camp, and his wife started watching the music videos. He said "my wife is hooked on these videos!" She really liked the music.

He said "I’ll get the cookbook", but he was also interested in the Great Controversy.

I said, "Oh, I'll leave the GC with you for a Christmas present".

"Oh really!! You would do that?!!"

He is really into history, and his wife was excited about the cookbook. Andy came past then in the van, waiting for me. The man I had been canvassing, asked if he could say hello to my leader. He came out and shook Andy's hand, and said "This is fantastic what you guys are doing! Wonderful stuff."

- Caleb

A lady comes to the door. As we canvassed her, she was almost crying. She started telling about how her daughter's house had burnt down a few months ago, and they were looking after them, how her husband had just come out of hospital and how he was really sick. She’s had to stop giving to all these charities. She was crying as she was telling us. She was about to close the door, and I quickly pulled out the small "Happiness for Life". I said it’s just as much a blessing as the big one! She gave a small donation and was glad to take it. 

- Kasey & Caleb

Tim and Melissa

I met a lady who said she watches Walter Veith on satellite TV, and has the books Patriarchs and Prophets and The Desire of Ages, but doesn’t have The Great Controversy.

"I have heard Walter Veith talk about that book, and need to get one" she said. She is Greek Orthodox, agrees with a lot of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs but doesn’t want to commit herself to any church. She got a Great Controversy, and continues to watch Walter Vieth and other programs on Satellite TV.

- Julie

Showing books to people

While canvassing today, I saw a little jack russel escape from his owners. I approached the owner and said "you've got a little escape artist there!!"

So I showed him what we were doing asked him about the cookbook. He wasn’t really interested in it, but his mate was really interested in The Great Controversy. So I told him that we're leaving them on a donation basis, most people help out between 10-20. "Yeah! ok I'll take it", he said. The three men looked quite rough to me. I'm so glad they got the GC!!

- Dylan

Shanna and Melissa with some ladies

Talking to a lady on this door, and hadn’t even finished the cookbook canvass when she says "oh come in!"

So I went in, and sat down with her, she was looking through all the books for ages trying to work out which ones she wanted. She started telling about how she grew up as a Sunday school teacher in the Methodist church and that she now has a partner who’s an athiest After a lot of looking and talking she picked the Great Controversy as a Christmas present for her partner.

- Kasey


These were just a few experiences from the hundreds of people we've met over the last couple of weeks. Please keep the team in your prayers, and leave your comments below.