Cairns to Tully, On the Road


Three and a half weeks into the trip, and over 4,000 kilometers later, we're praising God for His leading and the many precious experiences had so far. A total of 238 magabooks and 377 smaller Happiness for Life (Steps to Christ) have been left with people between Kingaroy and Cairns, QLD!

Every day of canvassing brings more stories and great experiences. Here is an overview of the trip, since the last update:

14th September - Canvassing in Cairns (9 Magabooks, 46 Happies). Eman in the office (Library).

15th September - Canvassing in Cairns (11 Magabooks, 26 Happies). Leave Cairns for Mareeba to stay with friends and canvass there.

16th September - Canvassing in Mareeba (41 Magabooks, 53 Happies). Our highest day of the trip so far!! Many precious experiences

17th September - Tim and Andy canvass in Mareeba (25 Magabooks, 41 Happies), Eman spends day in the office.

18th September - Final day canvassing in Mareeba (23 Magabooks, 36 Happies). Have a lovely time opening Sabbath with friends Wendy & Landon Kum Yuen, and Richard and Rebecca Warden.

19th September - Attend the Seventh-day Adventist church in Cairns, where our friend Casey Barret was preaching. We sang an apeal song at the end of his sermon called "His Life for Mine".


20th September - Climbed Walsh's Pyramid, a beautiful tall mountain (see panorama above, and more photos below). Drove to Atherton.

21th September - Canvass in Atherton (32 Magabooks, 39 Happies). Had some great experiences sharing with and encouraging people.

22nd September - Canvass in Atherton, leave Atherton, canvass in Innisfail just before sunset (8 Magabooks, 11 Happies)

23rd September - Film "The Canvass" video. Canvass in Tulley (10 Magabooks, 17 Happies), Eman in the office/library, Drive partway to Townsville in the evening.

And that's where we are now folks. I'm typing this in the back of the van, while on our way to Townsville. Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Below are some pictures from this last week and a half.