Consistency is key


Nature can quickly leave us behind. Zucchini's perfect yesterday will be monsters tomorrow. Small 'weeds' faithfully doing their job of covering bare soil will be like trees in another few weeks! Be prompt to act - a few aphids today on your red cabbage will be decimating your broad beans in a week! 

A little bit of time spent regularly in your growing garden paradise is infinitely better use of that rare commodity that a larger chunk irregularly. The principle to keep in mind in your relationship with your garden is the same as what ensures a happy marriage - small attentions, often. 


Yes, growing your own food is hard. It can be blistering, sweaty (or freezing), and sometimes disappointing work, but it is never without real, tangible and current blessings - with or without a harvest. 

Take time to enjoy the amazing germination and growth of young peas or zucchini's, admire Willy Wagtail's acrobatic insect catching prowess, marvel over the micro-fauna trillions in the soil that are the keys to your gardening success.

Take time to enjoy these and many more daily treats as you stroll through your patch planning your next steps. And every now and then, just sit and watch. It is soul food.