Start small, and start simple


There is little more discouraging than going gung-ho and planting a big veggie patch, and watching it turn into a big weed patch, because you don't have the tools or skills to maintain it. 

Start with a small manageable space, and grow some of your favourite veggies that are simple to grow. Why not start with the tomato's, cucumbers and lettuce that are always on the top of your supermarket shopping list? Find out from your mentor or a seed catalogue which varieties best suit your climate, what their cultural needs are, and start from there. Maybe add a few of your favourite culinary herbs. Maybe only grow a few plants of each type to start with, and then slowly expand as your confidence and resources allow. 

Connect with the kitchen

There is great satisfaction in picking produce from your garden, waltzing into your kitchen, and glorying in the freshness, crispness, and tastiness of your harvest. Some things like lettuce are best planted in small amounts so that you can keep up with them, but planted regularly so you have a consistent supply. Others like tomato can be grown in larger amounts, and the excess fruit dried, turned into pasta sauce, or preserved. 

Your cook is key to happy gardening - if you are growing lots of kale but the cook detests it, get the garden and kitchen staff together and come to a happy consensus. Or as a temporary measure, prepare the kale yourself, and invite your friends over!