Witness Conference 2012


After being home for a few days; getting a little bit of work done it was “on the road again” for James, Dave and this time an addition of Melissa. The mission: to run a booth at the SHINE (sharing him in evangelism) conference at Brisbane from the 4th to the 8th of July.

The conference leaders were kind enough to allow us to enjoy the benefits of the entire conference while we were there. So for us to share about the great work that God has called us to do was a blessing, to meet people who were willing and ready to learn how better to serve the Lord, and especially it was a huge blessing to hear many great messages over the course of the youth

Some of the speakers were really deep (like Stephen Bohr), and others were really inspiring (like Kevin Sears), and some of the young local preachers were really practical (like Luke Stuart, Zeb Hourigan, Arturo Masci and Charissa Fong). The young folk at the conference were also very responsive. There were about 300 people in attendance, and about 180 or so made a decision to preach a mini mission, and on the last day 35 or so made a decision to become involved in the Lord’s work fulltime. Successful! Praise God!!

At the booth we met many nice friends, got to catch up with old friends, and were able to share things about the medical missionary ministry. God was able to use us to start people thinking about things that they maybe hadn’t thought about before, and to encourage people to use the practical ministry of Jesus in bringing people to Jesus.

I just want to Praise God for the opportunity to experience this great blessing.