The aspiring apiarist...


Desley has long wanted to learn about bees and honey production. Inspired a few years back, she bought a few books on the topic, and has flicked through them a few times and maybe read a chapter or 2. No time.

Months ago, before winter, she was given a couple of hives full of bees. She had no idea how to manage them, so they have been sitting doing their own thing. Last week she joined up with her friend Gayle and a bunch of bee enthusiasts who share knowledge, experience and resources, then today Gayle came out to check the hives with Desley and make a plan for their management.

They found both hives nearly chokablock with comb and honey, with the lids stuck on and the frames stuck together. In cleaning things up in preparation to give the bees more room, they removed some comb and honey. 

After some primitive extraction of the honey, she had the first honey produced at the Eastward Garden. It's very yum, and isn't she as pleased as punch!