Eeastward Visits Woy Woy


“Another recent church training visit was to Woy Woy on the Central Coast of NSW. We had been invited at the suggestion of Josh Corda, one of our students in 2011, who is living near Woy Woy and working with Pr. Eddie Mackie in outreach.

Friday morning we introduced a group of church members to the Health Expo concept, and trained them how to conduct one. Sabbath we conducted Sabbath school, David Brown shared the message, and we conducted an afternoon program of music and mission testimonies from our work in Solomon’s, Vanuatu and Australia. Then on Sunday we assisted the church folk conduct a Health Expo at Deepwater Plaza.
We were all inspired, as we always are, as we saw community members give us their confidence, open up and share their problems in the hope we could help and give them good advice. We were pleasantly surprised at how many folk came to the Expo, and around 25 people came all the way through to the counseling station and left their contact details requesting followup contact. These included home visits to receive treatments and learn healthy cooking, to receive more health information or literature etc, and one already signed up to study prophecy!

But maybe the greatest reward was to see Pr. Eddie and the church members inspired to begin medical missionary training in the church one evening each week, and to plan to open up the church complex one morning each week for health seminars/training/clinic for community members! So, the right arm of the gospel is being flexed in Woy Woy, and we know, because of God’s promise, that their efforts “will not, cannot, be without fruit.”

We have just received this encouragement from Josh:

“Just like to say a big thankyou again for your time and effort at Woy Woy church. The church has definitely been inspired with the Medical Missionary work. For the last two Mondays now there has been medical missionary training and there has been 9-10 members attending. That is quite good for Woy Woy. I demonstrated the humble potato poultice and already a miracle with a lady there who had pain for a few weeks in her heel and the potato poultice took it away in a matter of hours. She is beside herself!! Last night there was another opportunity to do a treatment for a Fijian lady who was suffering from Asthma. A few of us went to her and was talking to her about the causes thereof and preventative lifestyle habits and then we did the treatment. It was a blessing. We are very inspired to keep this momentum that Eastward helped to create. Thank you again.”