2016 Road Trip Adventures


This is our second weekend here in Devonport. We are enjoying the cold, the friendly people, and the beautiful scenery!

We have had many special experiences. Julie shares one of hers like this:

While canvassing I met a lady who was at her home with three of her kids. When I showed her Peace Above the Storm, telling her that it helps people find freedom from worry, guilt and fear, she said, "That's just what I need". I went on to show her Health and Peace. When she heard that it has a chapter on depression she said, " I definitely need this one more as I am struggling with depression". She was also interested in stop smoking and depression seminars and personal Bible studies. She gave a donation for Health and Peace and I left her with a Happy and a story book to read to her kids as well.

Here is an overview of what we have been up to so far:


23 March Canvassing in Devonport. (25 magabooks; 12 DVD's; and 64 happies [small Steps to Christ]) 

24 March Canvassing in Devonport. (29 magabooks; 9 DVD's; and 83 happies)

25 March (Easter Holidays Start) Packed up and hiked out into Cradle Mountain National Park for the Easter weekend.

26 March (Sabbath) Had a worship time in the morning and then climbed up Barn Bluff.

27 March Enjoyed exploring out in nature.

28 March Hiked out via Cradle Mountain and headed back to the Adventist Campground near Devonport.

29 March Recovering :) Stamping books and canvassing in the evening at Latrobe. (10 magabooks; 6 DVD's; and 27 happies)

30 March Canvassing in Devonport. (30 magabooks; 22 DVD's; and 110 happies)

31 March Canvassing in Turners Beach. Got 53 books out! Our highest day so far, praise God :) (53 magabooks; 14 DVD's; and 87 happies)

April 1 Sabbath prep and more canvassing!

April 2 (Sabbath) Enjoyed worshiping, sharing testimonies, and fellowshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ at Devonport SDA church. 

April 3 Doing laundry, cooking, catchup jobs, and this update :) In the afternoon we went to help a lady, who we meet while canvassing, to do some weeding. Her health has been poor since getting cancer recently and she has been struggling to keep up with her gardens. It was a blessing to help out!


Praising God that books are going out and that He is using us as instruments in His service. Thank you for your prayers.


Also some photos to explain our adventures better :)