Hot Enough For Ya?


With most of Australia in the grip of a record heat wave, in the midst of a (possibly) record making drought, we sure are living up to our "sunburnt country" natonal identity. Spare a thought and a prayer for those already struggling with the drought...

In spite of pouring on the water, many of our crops are struggling in the unremitting heat, especially those that thrive in cool weather. Some like Kale are struggling and don't taste so sweet, some like lettuce have shot to flower, and others like spinach (above) have just turned up their toes and carked it.

But our little mid-north coast neck of the woods has been spared the worst of it - no stonefruit cooking on the tree like some growers in SA have experienced. I think the hottest day here recently was 35°C in the shade. Hot yes, but what about Cloncurry and Camooweal (QLD) who've just recorded 33 days above 40°C IN A ROW! I am super thankful for that faithful north-easterly sea breeze that blows in here each afternoon.

Sometime last night I woke up feeling a little pleasantly chilly (just as Desley pulled the doona up) - only to read this morning that the folk out at Noona (between Wilcannia and Cobar) had a MINIMUM of 35.9 degrees Celsius last night - smashing the previous record for Australia's all-time highest overnight temperature. How'd you feel getting up to go to work (out in the sun!) after a night like that?

Yep, it's hot enough for me.