Tropic of Capricorn Canvassing (Rockhampton, Yeppoon)

The canvassing roadtrip push into Queensland was a long time coming. Beginning mid-March, the team worked Yarra Glen and Healesville, VIC, then Moss Vale and Bowral, NSW. Between setup and pulldown responsibilities at NNSW Big Camp, we went forth across Mid North Coast territory.

Finally, on an overcast day in mid-May, two fully loaded cars with trailers departed Rollands Plains for Yeppoon, QLD. Two days and 1,200 km later - we arrived!


Yeppoon book stats

Results from three profitable days in Yeppoon, Taranganba, Cooee Bay and other suburbs:

  • 167 Path to Peace
  • 52 The Great Controversy (including 8 small editions)
  • 37 Health and Peace
  • 14 Peace Above the Storm
  • 3 Lessons of Love

There was someone in the house - I could tell. Dogs were barking. I went through a gate in the fence and a dog from inside the house ran out and started going for my ankles.

I called out, trying to get someone's attention. At the last minute a lady came to the door.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed. "Just heard the dogs going crazy and realised there was someone here."

Once she'd seen Wholesome Homemade I asked what she liked to read.

"True stories about people - true things, and self help books," she said.

"Here are two that I think will be perfect for you," I replied.

Out came The Great Controversy and Health and Peace. This lady was really interested in Health and Peace. She'd just given up smoking. Everyone in her family had been praying for her and she'd been shocked to see how prayer had made her smoking habit so easy to give up.

"That's a testament to God's power!" I exclaimed.

The lady liked The Great Controversy as well. She hugged both books to her chest.

"I could even give this to people afterwards so that they get something out of it," she said. "But first I'm going to get something out of it. I feel like this one [Health and Peace] is made for me."

- Kayla


Lunchtime in Cooee Bay, Yeppoon