Fountain of Life, Health Centre Plans


Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on plans for the development of a home-like health centre/sanitarium which we will call "Fountain of Life". We will release these plans soon. For now, here are some excerpts:


A most important step in the development of Eastward Missionary College’s campus and educational ministry is Fountain of Life - our live-in Health & Lifestyle Centre. Fountain of Life is designed to provide our staff and medical missionary students opportunity for hands-on ministry to the people of our region in a beautiful country residential setting. This is a vital growth step in our ministry to our community and in the practical education of the students.

Integral Part of Eastward’s Mission

Eastward’s vision is more than just a training school. God’s blueprint calls for “centres of influence” such as churches, vegetarian restaurants, treatment rooms, health food stores etc. to be located in towns and cities. These are run from “outposts” where training schools, sanitariums, homes for workers, health food industries, orchards and gardens are located, in a country setting.

We are committed to following this blueprint, by developing the Eastward campus to be just such an outpost. Fountain of Life is therefore an essential step.

"Small local sanitariums are to be established in connection with our schools." - Medical Ministry, 156.

"An educational work should be carried on in connection with all our sanitariums. There is a close relation
between the work of our schools and our sanitariums, and wherever it is practicable, there are
decided advantages in having a school in close connection with a sanitarium. There would be in such
an arrangement decided advantages to both lines of work." - Counsels on Health, 242.

Fountain of Life is the next step in building our capacity for ministry. It will provide a focal point - a place where suffering people can be directed to get the physical, mental and spiritual help they need. Here is the best opportunity to bring them into contact with the Great Physician who alone can heal. Here they can learn of Him and His ways.

Stay tuned for more updates as these plans progress, and please keep this project in your prayers.