On Wednesday night myself and family, Kelli (who works with me at the markets), and other stall holders attended the Council meeting to show our support and speak for Deputy Mayor Lisa Intemann's  motion to return The Real Foods Market to a 12pm market start. 

Thanks to the representations you made to our Councillors, and thanks to the community we have become, her motion that The Real Foods Market be considered an exception under the policy, and allowing stall holders to set up stalls from 11am and begin trade at 12pm, was unanimously accepted by all councillors present. Yipee!

This afternoon Council has corresponded with those who made submissions, giving this explanation: "The exception was offered because of Councillors’ support for local food producers and purchasers, reducing food miles. It is for a trial period ending 31 December 2019, but may be extended provided the offering is just fresh local food."

And we have just heard from Port Central that this comes into effect THIS COMING WEEK! So see you at 12pm!