Mount Gambier - Week 6 of Canvassing


Book Stats

  • 320 Path to Peace
  • 48 The Great Controversy (including 18 small editions)
  • 28 Health and Peace
  • 46 Peace Above the Storm
  • 4 Lessons of Love

While doorknocking businesses I met Scott on duty at the CFS place.

Scott was a really nice guy; a Christian who had done overseas mission work with his kids in Africa. He was really supportive of the work we were doing too. I showed him a couple of the books.

When he looked through Peace Above the Storm, he said “Oh, I think you’re doing a good job. I’ll get this one from you.”

Scott helped out with a donation for it right there.

- Tim

I met this young man who was probably in his late twenties. I showed him all of the books, but as soon as I showed him The Great Controversy he got really excited. I asked him which ones he wanted.

“I want The Great Controversy!” he replied very enthusiastically.

I tried canvassing him on the other two reading books I’d shown, but it was clear he only wanted the GC. So he gave a $20 donation for the book, and got a ‘Happy’ too.

- Silas


Pioneer Memorial at Blue Lake - Mount Gambier

Right before knocking on the door I heard a baby crying. That's not good, I thought - it means they're not going to want to talk. I knocked twice and Nardi came out with the baby on her shoulder.

This baby was really quiet and very good during the entire canvass. I showed Wholesome Homemade and Peace Above the Storm.

"What religion are you?" Nardi asked, after I showed Peace Above the Storm.

"Seventh-day Adventist," I replied.

Nardi was a Christian too, so I pulled out Lessons of Love. She hadn't seemed interested all this time I'd been canvassing, but I asked which ones would interest her.

"All three actually," she said. "What else do you have?"

I showed The Great Controversy and Nardi told me that her mum would really enjoy it - she liked Bible prophecy.

Out came the kids' books too, because Nardi wanted to know what they were.

"What interests you?" I asked again.

Nardi chose Wholesome Homemade, Lessons of Love, Peace Above the Storm and The Great Controversy.

"I want all these," she said. "Is $100 enough?"

"Yeah, enough for the children's stories as well," I replied. "Also Health and Peace."

Nardi suffered from anxiety and said that Health and Peace would be really helpful.

I called up Tim for a card reader becaues Nardi didn't have cash. Tim came around then surveyed her as well; she ticked pretty much everything. Nardi got Wholesome Homemade, Lessons of Love, Peace Above the Storm, The Great Controversy, Health and Peace and Real Heroes.

- Kayla


The team singing "Here I Am Lord" at Millicent Seventh-day Adventist Church.

From left to right: Kasey, Grace, Matthew, Jylan, Michael, Andy, Tim, Kayla, Julie and Shanna

On my first block this morning I came across this guy working on one of his windows outside. I canvassed him the books, but he said that his wife would probably be more interested than me.

So he went to get his wife, and she invited me to sit down and show her what I was doing. She liked the cookbook and decided she wanted to get that. 

When I showed her Peace Above the Storm, she asked me, “Is this made so you can do Bible studies with it? As in, read a chapter and do a Bible study?”

I replied, “Yeah, well if you really want to, sure...”

It turns out they went to the Uniting Church every week. She asked how much for both books. “Usually we say $30 or more, but $25-30,” I replied.
So she went back inside to see what she could find. When she returned to the door she stated, “You’re really lucky, these are the only two notes I have - a $20 and $5.”

I also met an atheist today. I started canvassing and eventually when I got to the drop down, offering her a ‘Happy’ (small Steps to Christ), it was then that I think she mentioned she was an atheist. 

We starting talking more about that, and she said the reason why she considered herself one was that there was too much stuff going on in the world.

"How could there be a God?" she was asking.

I talked with her a bit more, asked her some questions, and eventually I tried to challenge her to take and watch a Digma DVD. She was 95 years old, and I told her that it would be just 7 minutes from one day of her 95 years.

I asked whether she was an opened minded person, to which she said, “Yeah, yeah of course!”

So I asked, “What have you got to lose?”

Although she still didn’t want to take the Digma, she ended up taking the small Steps to Christ. She loved reading and said she would take a look at what the book had to say.

- Michael

This morning before lunch I came to this person’s door, and a man opened.

Pretty much straight away after showing him Wholesome Homemade, he said, “I’ll just get my wife - she’s the cook.”

The wife came out, very happy and nice. She was very interested in the cookbook when I showed her.

I also shared the rest of the reading books and explained that for $25 we could do a free reading book with the cookbook.

“Do you have $25 in there?” she called out to her husband.

She wanted to get Health and Peace (which is Ministry of Healing), as well as Wholesome Homemade. She got a ‘Happy’ too.

- Matthew


Centenary Tower at night - Mount Gambier

I met a lady today whom I showed Health and Peace.

She looked through it and said, “I’d really like to read this one.” The lady was going through a divorce; it sounded like a rough situation. 

I assured her that it would help, and she gave a small donation for the book. The woman was very grateful.

Two girls were walking out of a driveway as I walked in this afternoon.

"Are your parent's home?" I asked.

"We don't live here," they replied.

I started showing the books, then asked what they liked reading. Giving The Great Controversy to the younger girl, and Peace Above the Storm to the older one, I gave a rundown on what each book was about.

The younger girl loved reading. She was really keen on The Great Controversy!

I explained about helping out with a donation. Because the girls were still in school uniforms and carrying their backpacks around, I didn't expect them to have money...

"Let me see what I have in here," said one. She found $5 in the backpack. "I'm definitely recommending this to other people as well!"

These two girls were sisters. The older girl got a Happy, and the younger The Great Controversy. They both seemed very happy. Nobody was home in that place, so what perfect timing!

- Shanna


The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

A young girl came out to one of the doors I knocked on. I showed Fiona Wholesome Homemade and she really liked it as she was into cooking.

Fiona also said she loved reading a bit of history and other things, but she was particularly keen on writing herself. She wrote about mental health, trying to be encouraging to others. This was because she had a friend who had depression.

Thinking Health and Peace would be great for her, I canvassed it as well. She was really keen on getting the book. She only had $10, but I said that would be okay. She was happy about that.

Her dad came back at the same time I was about to leave.

It started raining, so they invited me off the front door. “Come inside, come inside.”

Fiona explained more to her Dad about what I was doing and they were both enthusiastic about it. They were Catholics - lovely people. In the end they gave me $30 to get the cookbook as well.

When I offered to leave my email with her, she was interested. She also said she was so glad that I had come.

Fiona gave me a hug two times before I left!

Heather walked out of her door after I knocked this morning, worried about her cats coming out too. I showed Wholesome Homemade.

"Oh, this isn't vegetarian at all," she said.

"It's actually all vegan," I replied.

A vegetarian herself, Heather was so excited. I asked what she liked reading.

"At the moment I love reading spiritual things," she said.

I showed The Great Controversy and started telling her what it goes through - and that I'm reading it myself. She was very excited about the book.

"What other books do you have in your hand?" she asked.

Health and Peace made Heather very excited. I showed Peace Above the Storm too, and explained how it was like a devotional.

"Which ones interest you the most?" I asked.

Heather really liked Wholesome Homemade and The Great Controversy. Before deciding on the books, she asked me how much they were. Her hands were pretty much full of books.

"For the lot?" I asked.

"Individually," she clarified. "Hang on. I'll go inside and show my sister. We'll decide."

Eventually, Heather came back with her sister, Sandra.

"My sister's just told me that you have some really good books," said Sandra.

I briefly told her about the cookbook, GC, HP and Peace. Heather was just sitting there, nodding. They were both so keen - communicating with each other, signing, trying to decide what to do.

"Just get them all," said one sister. "How much?"

"For $50 you can have them all," I said.

"Serious? For all these? That's too low!" she exclaimed. "We'll go get some money and be right back."

"We just love what you're doing," they said.

Heather and Sandra came back with $70, which I said was more than enough. They were really lovely people and so keen on what we were doing. Praise God!

- Grace