Final Canvassing Update


Thank you, friends, for your support through prayers and encouragement for the 2015/16 Canvassing Program. It really made a difference! 

God really blessed! In total 1530 magabooks (the main books being 375 Great Controversy's, 229 Peace Above the Storm's, 126 Health and Peace, 48 Lessons of Love, and 507 cookbooks.) and 2806 Happies (small Steps to Christ) went out.

Thank you to Kingscliff SDA Church for letting us stay and work in your area; to Tweed Valley Adventist College and their generosity in letting us use their facilities; and to Casino SDA Church for your hospitality in the short time we could work with you. 

Also thank you to all of you who were part of the team! It would not have been possible for any of this to be accomplished without support from friends and family, the churches and school; but definitely not possible without the committed group of young people we had on the frontline!

Lastly, thanks be to God! Who did all the work through us :)

"The Lord Jesus standing by the side of the canvasser, walking with them, is the chief worker. If we recognize Christ as the One who is with us to prepare the way, the Holy Spirit by our side will make impressions in just the lines needed"  {CM, p.107}.

As plans are made for the canvassing work to continue going ahead in Australia, please keep it in your prayers!

Blessings till next time!!