Tassie Trip Overview in Photos


Canvassing has been going great! Lots of divine appointments and over 1500 books shared. We love meeting people of all walks of life, and hearing where they are coming from. Most of all we seek to be a blessing to each person we come in contact with and share what's been such good news to us - salvation through Christ! 

I meet a guy and showed him the cookbook, but he wasn’t that interested. Then I showed him The Great Controversy. He said he didn’t have any money, but I kept showing him the books and asked, "Which ones would interest you most, if you did have the money." He said, “oh yeah, that Great Controversy one”. I told him I could leave it with him if he would read it. It took a bit of convincing, but eventually he took it. He was holding it as we kept talking. I asked if he believed in God. He wasn’t really sure. He said he believes Satan exists because when he was a kid he saw Satan; and God might exist but he can't know for sure because he's never seen evidence. I asked, "if you could see evidence of a God would you want to see it?" He said, “Yeah, I guess so”. Then I spoke about the complexity of our bodies and how it shows that there must be a Creator. He seemed totally convinced by that simple conversation. 


As people read the books we pray they continue to have better knowledge of God and what He personally wants to do for every individual.

Another thing that we all really enjoy doing is practically helping people! So far we've been able to help out at five different homes. Mainly outside work with weeding, gardening, and tree work. Each of the experiences are unique.

Near the beginning of the trip Tim canvassed a lady and had a great chat with her. He found out that she was going through chemotherapy to treat her cancer. The treatments were making her exhausted and she couldn't keep up with the weeds; so we went around and spent a bit a time tidying up the gardens and path.

We also got to help an older lady with a large property, whose husband passed away about five years ago, by doing some gardening, pruning, and other outside jobs for about 3 hours.

A couple from church had tall trees too close to their house which Harry and Andy where able to cut down for them. Andy was also able to prune a large hedge for another church member.

Tim meet an older couple while canvassing last week. He had a great chat, and was able to leave The Great Controversy with them. They were finding it hard to trim some trees that were blocking their amazing view of Mt Roland, so he offered to come back and trim them. When we were in the area next he went back and finished it for them. They were very thankful and wanted to pay something, but Tim said not to worry about that. They came to an agreement that if they read the book and let him know what they think, that would be good enough :)

Most of the team enjoy bush walking/mountain climbing in our spare time. A few Sundays ago we got to climb Mt Roland. We feel blessed to be in Tasmania with so many great mountains and such beautiful scenery! Here are a few photos: