More Canvassing Testimonies


It is so exciting to see God's hand working. In the six weeks of staying in the Kingscliff/Murwillumbah area we were able to encounter many people who had already been impacted by our books! Whether they had gotten something a minute, day, or week before - hearing their feedback was very encouraging! One man said he had found a Great Controversy in the op-shop he worked in. When we asked what he thought of it he said it was really compelling!

Here are a few of the follow-ups we've had:

Canvassing along a street early on in the program, Dylan and I (Shanna) came across a Christian family who loves the Bible. Whitney even had a big Bible laying open in the lounge room so everyone could read the Words of Jesus as they walked past. She loved the cookbook and “Peace Above the Storm” that we showed her and she decided to get them both. As we were talking she invited us in for a drink of water and we also got to meet her husband and son. It was encouraging to talk with them on spiritual topics and they were curious what Seventh-Day Adventists actually believe. Whitney’s husband loved reading and so we offered him "The Great Controversy” which he willingly accepted! A week or two later a lady from Kingscliff church came looking for ‘Shanna’ to tell me some exciting news: “Whitney and her son came to church today! They were looking for a youth group and decided to come and visit!”*


Dylan was canvassing this one day and came across a Christian lady who said she was struggling with some circumstances in her life. Threase was depressed, sad, and ready to give up. Four of us went to visit her the next day—to listen and seek to be a blessing. After listening and talking together we left her with some encouraging promises from the Word of God, prayed with her, and sang together. Over the weeks that we stayed in the Murwillumbah area we were able to visit with her almost every week. Heart connections were made and on the final Sabbath that we were all up there she wanted to come to church, so we brought her along with us. We all really enjoyed our time together that Sabbath and were reluctant to say goodbye in the afternoon. The next Sabbath Emmanuel and Jylan went back with some local church members for her to have some contact with Adventists in her local area.* 


Another day, one of the team was canvassing in a carpark and shared of “Peace Above the Storm” with someone there; which they loved and got! The following Sabbath they came along Kingscliff church as well. 

It is so exciting seeing these results of the canvassing work! May many more people be drawn to a wonderful new life in Christ through these books.

*Names changed for privacy