Singing in a Shopping Centre!


Last night at about 7pm, Tim, Andy and I went to buy water from the closest Woolworths supermarket. After making our purchase, we sat down on a bench inside the shopping centre complex, to relax and chat for a few minutes. All the shops were closed except Woolworths.

After a while, we noticed that the acoustics were excellent for singing, with a lot of echo coming off the smooth floor and walls. "Ah, we've got to try singing a song in here"!

We moved around the corner from woolworths, sat on another bench and started singing. The echo was really awsome, so we didn't want to stop with just one song. 

Every few minutes some evening shoppers would walk past, grin, give us a thumbs-up and keep walking. People were enjoying this unusual sound (and sight!). We went through about half of our repertoire, when a lady in Woolworths uniform looked around the corner with a puzzled expression. After a moment, she went back into the shop.

We sang another song or two, and was just singing 'Do You Know My Jesus', when she came around the corner again. 


"I'd like to ask..." she starts.


 "Oh no! She's going to ask us to stop, and leave." We thought.


"...if you could come around and sing in front of the checkouts? We can't hear you from here".


Wow! What a surprise. We were very happy to go around, and sing for another 20 or 30 mintues in front of the woolworths checkouts. We went through most of the songs we knew.

As far as we could see, everyone enjoyed the unique music, and harmonies.

We had a good chat with the cleaner, also a Christian, who was wondering what kind of radio music this was, before she saw us!


We're very happy that we could use this talent to encourage others, and hopefully encourage thoughts on spiritual things.