Seed Raising Mix


Seedraising Mix

Healthy and vibrant seedlings are a key ingredient to successful gardening. They can make all the difference to your experience. When we learned how to have success in growing seedlings, our garden took a huge step forward.

The foundation of good seedlings is the seed raising mix - plant health depends on the quality of the planting mix. There are many recipes for this mix, ranging from just good quality soil, a mixture of compost and sand, through to commercially produced "soiless" mix that reduces the risk of soil-borne diseases. 

One simple recipe is 1/3 mature screened compost or leaf mold: 1/3 garden topsoil: 1/3 sharp sand. Whatever the mix, it must drain well and meet the needs of plant roots for air, water, nutrients, and support, containing sufficient amounts of nutrients to carry the young seedlings through to when they are ready to transplant.

Purchasing a commercially prepared organic mix is the easiest way to get started. I have tried many of those locally available, and in my experience only Searles Seedraising Mix gave me the results I wanted (available from Norco Kempsey and Taree, and Wauchope Rural Centre). If you are looking for a locally available commercial organic mix, it may be hard to find. I get one from a supplier near Ballina.

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