Observation is a key to success. Watch, and ask questions. Follow through from cause to effect. Ask questions of the Creator, you will not be disappointed with the insights given. There is no better place for children to be and to learn practical usefulness that sets them up for success in life. 

There is wisdom to be gained in the garden that can be found nowhere else. The lesson book of nature, as read in the garden, is one of the best means to come to an understanding of yourself and your destiny. It's profound simplicity is a source of happiness and development, a safeguard against the temptations and excesses of modern life, and has a power to change you little by little into the person you really want to be. Really? Really. Give it a serious try. You will find it priceless! 

I came to gardening late. My parents were both avid gardeners, but which boy wouldn't rather climb trees or ride bikes, and which youth is not easily distracted by what seems on the surface to be so appealing? I had to be persuaded that gardening was a positive, beneficial, and even enjoyable thing to do. And that came with some maturity, some time trying it out, and by reading some inspiring words. Now, the garden has become my place.