My fall from a 20-30 meter tree

What happened today is the most painful thing I've ever experienced. But there's Someone else who experienced more pain and suffering than we can even imagine SO THAT we could experience an eternity with Him that we cannot even begin to imagine! Please please don't ignore this gift any longer! So that beeping noise was because my heart rate was shooting up from the emotion. Nurse came in wondering what was going on! Here's the quote I read THIS morning: "David’s conclusion that Saul would certainly accomplish his murderous purpose was formed without the counsel of God. Even while Saul was plotting and seeking to accomplish his destruction, the Lord was working to secure David the kingdom. God works out His plans, though to human eyes they are veiled in mystery. Men cannot understand the ways of God; and, looking at appearances, they interpret the trials and tests and provings that God permits to come upon them as things that are against them, and that will only work their ruin. Thus David looked on appearances, and not at the promises of God." PP 672.2 Thank you SO much for everyone's prayers and kind words! I'm so sorry to worry everyone. So blessed! Again God is SO good!
Wojtek Janiuk
Praying for you brother
10 months
Serah Roberts
10 months
Elijah Rodgers
Continuing to pray for you
10 months
Ettienne McClintock
Just received the news and saw the video. Praise God that you survived this fall. I feel terrible just thinking about it. But your work is not done yet and God has more that He will accomplish through you.
9 months
Deslie A Ellis
Thank God for saving you. He has more work for you to do. Thankyou for your testimony. We will be praying for you. You are a light in tbis world.
9 months