South Australian Canvassing Trip Wrap-up

Over already?

While driving to the Jumpstart and Magabook Convention, I've had the time and opportunity to review recorded testimonies and remember many of the amazing blessings of this past canvassing road trip. I am filled with awe every time one of these trips conclude - remembering how God has worked, and wishing they didn't have to finish quite so soon! That's why we're excitedly looking forward to the upcoming canvassing program.


Trip results

673 message books and 487 vegan cookbooks helped make up 1,224 magabooks distributed across 3,000 km in 6 weeks - from Northam, WA to Mount Gambier, SA. Also shared were 2,268 copies of Path to Peace. 78 contacts were passed on for local follow up.

  • 303 The Great Controversy (including 74 small editions)
  • 210 Health and Peace
  • 197 Peace Above the Storm
  • 37 Lessons of Love

Kadina / Wallaroo (week 4)

Our last update closed as we drove towards a new adventure on the Yorke Peninsula. That Friday evening found us opening Sabbath by an open field, watching the sunset. Minutes later we arrived at Scott Heitmann's Wallaroo home - ours for the week. Scott pastors the Kadina Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The next morning we got up early and drove into Adelaide for a regional Sabbath, where Julian Archer spoke about the Reformation and 500 years since Luther. Julian gave us plenty of ideas for how to share relevant information over the following week. We were able to meet many people there; one result of our visit that Sabbath was a radio interview for Faith FM.

The following week we were able to visit and canvass many small towns in the area: Kadina, Wallaroo, Moonta Bay, Port Pirie, and Minlaton. The different responses in each place were interesting to see. We also enjoyed catching a glimpse into Scott's busy schedule and witnessing his great enthusiasm for God's work.

That Sabbath found us visiting Kadina church, helping with music and Sabbath School plus sharing testimonies from the week. We enjoyed a lovely lunch with church family and then some afternoon rest - because Scott had planned a big evening of street ministry in Adelaide CBD. During the night, our team (plus youth from Kadina church) spent hours walking around Adelaide's busiest night areas. That experience was a highlight of the trip and a big eye opener to many of us! How encouraging to know God used us through the tracts and books shared in Adelaide that night.

We had one more day to canvass in the area before packing up once again. On Tuesday we said goodbye to our new friend Scott and drove down to the Kangaroo Island ferry.

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Kangaroo Island (week 5)

Even the circumstances allowing us to canvass Kangaroo Island were a miracle. We met Trevor and Fran - our wonderful hosts - Tuesday afternoon. They did everything possible to make our stay on the island comfortable and productive. Trevor and Fran were elated to hear that we were able to spread almost 50 copies of The Great Controversy around KI!

On Sabbath we saw some of the fruit of our labours during the regular small group church meeting. Some people we'd met on the doors attended: An Adventist just travelling through; a family who used to attend Adelaide City church but hadn't met any Adventists since they'd moved to the island a year ago; and a young French Adventist girl missing fellowship with Adventist youth for a long while!

Sunday we enjoyed a day relaxing at Flinders Chase National Park. The team thoroughly explored Remarkable Rocks, a cave, seal viewpoints, and some platypus pools.

The next day we sadly left - leaving dear friends and a beautiful island, but comforted knowing how our time that week had counted for eternity.

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Naracoorte / Mount Gambier (week 6)

Naracoorte and Mount Gambier were our final trip destinations; many thanks to Dennis Fletcher for organising our week in the area. We were received with excitement, and the following days canvassing in each place proved another big blessing. Rain deterred us a little - but not for long. More time was needed to cover the whole area though! We look forward to seeing if God opens the door for us to return one day.

We're grateful to Sharyn and her dad, Trevor, for the accommodation and food they provided for us in Naracoorte - and for joining our evening worship music and testimonies :)

Mount Gambier Seventh-day Adventist Church ran vespers on Friday night. The church family provided an amazing tea, and we had the nice experience of meeting more people interested in our work! Afterwards, all moved into the main church building to sing and open Sabbath. Pr Mark from Port Lincoln gave his life testimony and an overview of what he would present the next day. We shared how the canvassing work had progressed through the week.

Next morning - our last Sabbath - we shared and fellowshipped at Millicent Seventh-day Adventist Church. Several non-Adventists had come along specifically to hear our music but they ended up enjoying all of the time spent together! In the afternoon we had another hour of music and singing before going sightseeing with friends we'd met that day.

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In conclusion

Over the next few days, most of us took the scenic route along Great Ocean Road to the Hopkins' place in Victoria.

As we have finished up, I am reminded of the promise: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.... He hath made every thing beautiful in his time" - Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11.

There is joy in service and also a need for refreshment. We're looking forward to seeing how He makes the upcoming canvassing program "beautiful" too!