America Trip


Time certainly flies, and being in America with Tim and Andy for 5 weeks was no exception!

Our itinerary included time canvassing together in Quincy, Illinois, before attending the ASI (Adventist Lay Services International) Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan. We later visited Country Life (at Oak Haven), Wildwood, Uchee Pines, Butler Creek Retreat, M.E.E.T. Ministries and the property of historic Madison College.

ASI was a place to network! Hundreds of self-supporting ministries were represented from across America, including some from other countries. We represented Eastward, and enjoyed sharing the progress of the work in Australia.  
It was inspiring as well as challenging to meet with so many dedicated ministry-minded people. Most were either running a Lifestyle Centre or School and in most cases, both.
We filmed content for some new documentaries, aimed at raising awareness for 'Medical Missionary' work, and the importance of 'True Education'. More on this later, but for now, below is a preview of some of the interviews, this particular clip being focused on 'What is Medical Missionary Work'