People Power


Congratulations to everyone who contacted Mayor Pinson to express their concern at the impact of Council's Market Policy - your efforts to turn this trade-restricting policy around made it onto the front page of the Port News newspaper today! The article (in part) reads: 

"Mayor Peta Pinson has presented councillors with emails she received from market supporters and correspondence from Port Central owner Gowings Bros about the positive impact of the markets for Port Central.

"She said the information could not be ignored and the community had been very vocal as far as the Real Food Markets were concerned...

"Cr Pinson asked councillors to reflect on the matter and consider the Gowing Bros document relating to Port Central and information from the community.

"She asked the councillors to consider rescinding the Markets Policy and make amendments to allow for a set up time earlier than 3pm.

"“I’ve reflected and I feel we can do better,” Cr Pinson said.

"“I think as a councillor collective we need to value opinions of our community.”"

So there you have it - it seems that when we dare to make our opinions known, sometimes someone listens! Thank you, Dear Friends, for making your opinions known, and thank you, Mayor Pinson, for listening.