Divine Appointments On The Road


As of this writing, we are into the third week of the late 2015 road trip, working with communities up the east-coast of Queensland, Australia. We are connecting with people door-to-door through canvassing and medical missionary work. So far more than 500 books have gone out, including the MagaBook Great Controversy, Peace Above the Storm, Lessons of Love, Health and Peace, smaller Steps to Christ and others.

The aim is to spread God’s message of truth to perishing souls; to learn, gain experience in missionary work; and to network with Seventh-day Adventist churches. As well as canvassing we look for practical ways to meet the needs of people; whether that be weeding someone’s garden, sweeping their sidewalk, or cutting trees.

While doing this we’ve had many ‘divine appointments’ in meeting people. Here are just a few of the stories:

Showed a cookbook to a lady, who promptly said “That is no good to me, I am dying of cancer!” After expressing sympathy, I showed her ‘Peace Above the Storm’ (Steps to Christ). She gladly accepted the book with tears in her eyes, and hugged it to her chest. I prayed with her, and left with the hope that we would meet again.
On the other side of the same block, I spent almost an hour talking about spiritual things with another lady. She said "I know that God sent you here today". She had taken that day off work, because she was feeling sick. I was able to leave her with two books that have been a blessing to me: "The Great Controversy" and "Peace Above the Storm". - Emmanuel


It's always a blessing when we can encouraged people and share books that promote Spiritual as well as Physical healing.



(Atherton, 21/9/2015) Came across this lady outside sweeping her front drain. Tried to show her the books, she wasn’t interested. I started talking with her about the plan of salvation and our need for a saviour. She was not very willing to talk. Just thought I was going around condemning people. She said “Oh, you’d better move on then”.

I was just about ready to keep walked, and said “Oh, was just getting to the good part”. Because I was going to share what Jesus has done for each one of us. She said she was an Anglican.

Then she all of a sudden changes subject, to what she was doing trying to sweep this gravel down the drain because it came from her neighbours place and she wasn’t happy about that at all.
I said
“Oh, is there anything I can do to help”.
   “Well, yeah. You can sweep and I’ll get the hose.”
“Oh Ok”.
   “Are you going to be the Good Samaritan are you?”

Yes! Well, for the next 10 or 15 minutes I helped her sweep the gravel down the drain and finished the job while she hosed.

Ater that we became very good friends!! She talked for a long time about the struggles of her life and what she’s been through. And probably the worst, her husband is about to die. He can’t see or hear anything.

I was able to talk about the friend that Jesus wants to be to each one of us, and the day when he is going to come and put an end to all this suffering. We talked for probably 45 minutes on the front lawn. A few tears were shed.

I said: “I’ve met many people who are going through similar things that you are, and I have a book that I know has been a blessing to many.”

   “Oh, no. I’m too busy, it’s ok”

I said, “Please, I’ll go get it and show it to you” (my bag was on the lawn). I went and got it, and showed it to her. “Please, I really want to leave this with you”.

“Oh, okay, okay…” She said, in appreciation.

Then we had a prayer together. I was about to say goodbye, when she goes “I’d better give you a donation for this” I wasn’t expecting that at all. “Would $5 be ok?”. I said “Yeah, you don’t need to, that would be fine.” Went around the back. Got some water as well, she gave me $5, I left my number in the book and said I’d be happy to talk or listen anytime.

- Tim